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Battlefield 1 review: Is it Best WW1 game?

Back in November 2021, Electronic Arts released a new-styled installment of their popular multiplayer online games: Battlefield 1. Many games in this genre have been developed over the past ten years and this one promises to be no exception. This game, much like all the others in the series, is designed around realism and the use of technology to help players overcome obstacles while they enjoy their game-time. But, is it truly the best WW1 game?

The first thing to note about this game is that EA has not added any new content since the initial release of the game. That being said, there are still some elements included that can be found in other popular multiplayer games. For example, players will find that the maps are large and feature plenty of areas to explore. Also, the maps themselves are destructible. For those of us who played other games in the series such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and twitch player favorite Red Orchestra, we know that destructible maps make the game play more interesting and that they provide an opportunity for a player to plan on what tactics they want to employ when approaching a map.

Players will also find that in this game there are a number of new game modes. For instance, the new Hardpoint Control mode allows players to control a payload by placing objects inside of it. As the game moves along, the objective will move toward the player, forcing them to guide the objective toward the objective using various tools such as destroying enemy soldiers or objects placed within the boundaries. This mode is new and exciting, but it does tend to take the player out of their comfort zone and may cause frustration as players do not know how to play it properly. In addition to Hardpoint Control, there are a number of new map features which allow players to experience the great game play featured in the single-player campaign. These include; Canyon, Firestorm, Jungle, Plankton, Village, and Pointe.

On the other hand, one must not forget that there are several game modes which are more difficult than others. Some of these include: Arena, Snipers, and Lanes. I really like the new Lanes mode in the game since it gives players a chance to learn how to control maps without as much risk involved. For instance, if there are two teams who are trying to capture a Control point, instead of people trying to shoot at each other from a long range, you get to see who can best handle a situation by taking advantage of short range Snipers.

When looking at these multiplayer games, it's also important to look at the visual side of things. In this game, you can switch to the "Arcade" option which gives the player a chance to play at a different level with all the same game modes. It's one of the most fun ways to enjoy the game.

In terms of multiplayer, one thing that bugs me is that only one person is actually allowed to pilot a plane. That's because the game can't support more than one player at any time. This limits what you can do and how far you can fly. In other words, you can't really fly anywhere you want. This might drive some players to try for a rare Aim bonus but I don't think it's worth it in the end.

The graphics are a bit colorful but not by a lot. I liked the zoom lens and was impressed with how detailed they got. I did a test run of one mission using a demo account to check out the effects but found that they weren't as powerful or detailed as they could have been. Even with the best graphics cards and the most powerful computers, the game can still look a bit flat.

Overall, I enjoyed playing this game. There's no denying that its multiplayer component leaves some people wanting more, but for me, EA has done a good job making a fun and entertaining game. For those wanting to fly a plane and shoot at soldiers, this game will provide you with a decent substitute. It also has good replay value because there are different maps for each player. For those looking for an enjoyable experience, I recommend giving Battlefield 1: Anniversary a shot.

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Thank you for the useful information and comprehensive article. I still prefer to gamble


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