WRi Technology

In summary, WRi’s unique “Depolymerisation” system can best be summarized as follows:-

  • Manufactures EN590 diesel fuel from waste plastic and oil;
  • Proven technology;
  • Patented process ;
  • Continuous processing system (not batching);
  • Processes a minimum 750 litres of diesel per hour per reactor;
  • 1kg of plastic produces almost 1 litre of diesel (800ml – 900ml);
  • Fully automated modular system;
  • Complies with all European emission and planning requirements;
  • Recommended plant size has payback period of barely 2 years;
  • Greatly reduces the amount of waste traditionally sent to landfill;
  • The business model includes getting paid for taking the raw material;
  • Huge market sizes of municipal waste, back-mining landfills, and sludge in oil tankers (200 million tonnes per annum);
  • Where the input is not crude oil or waste oil, the diesel contains no sulphur, which is substantially better for engines.