WRi Licensing

It is the aim of the WRi Board to create and administer directly a series of commercial plants across selected countries in northern Europe. However, at the same time WRi will create a Licensing Company with subsidiaries companies in key areas around the world run by General Managers reporting directly to the MD of WRi’s Licensing company based in the UK.

WRi will create a comprehensive Licensing Agreement to be used as the basis for agreements with foreign companies/governments wishing to use the WRi technology. The company wishes to retain strict control over its Intellectual Property rights and to that end it will use its own staff to train Licensee companies and fix any serious problems associated with the reactors. The task of running the reactors will be the responsibility of the licensee company. In order to further strengthen the protection of WRi’s IP, WRi’s own staff will select the Security Service provider in each foreign country. Security managers will be directly recruited by WRi although their salaries will be paid for by the Licensee. WRi will use its Security Managers to ensure that its Intellectual Property rights are protected.

Furthermore, all sales of fuel from Licensee companies will be sold by WRi centrally on the international market or to Fuel Distribution companies where there is an Off Take Agreement in place with WRi. By doing this, WRi will become an international fuel trader where future benefits may arise.

WRi will also produce a comprehensive Procedures Manual for the use on each Reactor without compromising any Intellectual Property rights.

Strict Confidentiality and Penalty clauses will be incorporated within each Licensing agreement.

Cost of Licenses will be sold on a cases by case basis. Where the company wishes to operate a license in neighbouring States and/or Countries, the cost will be increased, again on a case by case basis. Royalties of 8 cents per litre produced by the Licensee will be paid automatically to WRi centrally. The licensee must either have the financial capability to buy reactors from Buss-SMS-Canzler or have investors already in place to pay for the reactors before a license is granted. At the end of the 5 year term licenses can be renewed. Where they are not renewed, the ownership of the reactors changes to that of WRi and they can be physically removed.

Safe guards will be built into each license to protect both the Licensee and the Company.