In 2009 Clyvia filed for Bankruptcy. Sean Reilly then recruited and formed an agreement with some members of the Clyvia technical team and a major German manufacturing company to set about developing and testing a new scalable reactor. It was clear at this stage that whilst the process had been scientifically proven to work the reactor design was faulty. Throughout 2009, WRi and its German scientist partners developed a brand new reactor design. Interim tests were highly successful.   The whole science and the new reactor design were then independently tested on a continuous basis by Professor Siegel for a period of 14 months.   It was proven conclusively that the new reactor produced storage stable EN590 diesel fuel and that the new reactor design itself was indeed scalable. The manufacturing company, Buss-sms-Canzler, offered WRi a contract to build the processing plants (a copy is available to view) if we agreed to an extended repeat testing process.

This testing process was completed in July 2011 and, after internal tests at the Buss-Sms-Canzler test facility in Pratteln, a manufacturing contract was signed. Also during 2011, an agreement was reached with NGR Gmbh to build a bespoke hot-melt extrusion system for the waste plastic feed to the new reactor. They also demanded to test both the WRi science and the new reactor design before contract signing. Tests were 100% successful.

Whilst a Patent in Ireland had been officially granted in December 2011, it became evident that much more work was needed to secure patents world-wide. During 2012 money was spent developing our Patent network in over 40 countries. By October 2013 our patenting process was well advanced and the Company decided to concentrate all its efforts on CommeWRialisation.

Below is a summary of our success to date: