Global Markets

WRi believes that with funding in place by January 2014, the Company stands a very good chance of becoming a world leader in this science and a major contributor to landfill reduction whilst producing a very viable alternative fuel source.

The key to maximising our commeWRial advantage is to create an imaginative licensing system around the world whilst also creating our own commeWRial plants closer to home. For that reason we aim to create and rapidly grow our own commeWRial plants in the UK, Ireland, Germany and France whilst concurrently selling licenses to foreign companies to operate our technology. The latter will fuel the former and will have a snow balling effect after the first 12 months of trading.

Each commeWRial plant will have 8 reactors as per present design (reactor sizes may be increased were necessary). Each plant will process at least 60,000 MT of waste plastics per annum. But based on the official figures above, the UK even 2/3 years ago was sending nearly 7 Million tons of waste plastic to landfill every year. This would mean 116 plants around the UK just to halt the conveyor belt of waste plastics to landfill and well before the Company could make any serious dent in actually reducing the amount of plastics already in landfill sites around the country. The task is vast and will take decades to overcome.

This is not to say that waste plastics are not already being disposed of using alternative methods – they are. Germany is a good case in point where they use a process called gasification. But it is heavily subsidised by the German Government.

WRi therefore has a very exciting future within a market that has yet to provide a single commeWRially viable technology that will convert waste plastics into storage stable EN 590 diesel on a truly sustainable commeWRial scale. And, because the market is so vast particularly on a global basis, there is plenty of room for competitors. WRi is set to do very well indeed.


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